Wills and Trust Deed

If you wish to have your assets and your loved ones protected when you can no longer do it – the answer is Estate Planning. Everyone has heard the terms "will and trust", but not everyone knows the differences between the two. Both are useful estate planning devices that serve different purposes, and both can work together to create a complete estate plan.

Estate planning isn’t just about deciding who will inherit your assets after you die. It’s also about:

  • Who will raise your children in the event of your untimely death.
  • It’s about minimizing the chances of family strife and ugly legal battles and choosing the most tax efficient option for the transfer of your assets.
  • In the event you become mentally incapacitated through sickness or an accident estate planning allows you the autonomy to decide how you are cared for and who controls your finances and assets until you are able to.
  • Estate planning ensures your legacy lives on long after you are gone.

Did You Know If you die leaving minor children behind and you do not have a duly executed Will, it is the Government of Jamaica who will be in charge of your assets?