Protecting You at Your Most Vulnerable - Securing Your Legacy Generation to Generation

The Law Firm of Monique T. Rowe Grant & Associates is committed to holding your hand and walking with you through both difficult and rewarding life transitions. Whether that is facing the inevitable reality of death and the associated complexities, exiting a painful marriage or wealth acquisition, great care is taken to provide expert personal legal services tailored to each client. Your matter is never delegated to a paralegal or Junior Attorney. It is our commitment to give each matter our expert attention until its conclusion

A Message from Monique T. Rowe Grant

I believe each successive generation should strive to be greater than its former. It is my desire to develop a culture of paying it forward to future generations, hence the importance of proper estate planning and the use of legal expertise to give the best personal and asset protection. Having worked with the Administrator General’s Department for a number of years in the area of estate law I saw firsthand the consequences of poor and no estate planning and the resultant perpetual generational poverty. I want to help families acquire and secure wealth so that they can leave a rich legacy for future generations. You deserve the protection and power that comes with a great estate plan, you deserve the emotional comfort and the pride of knowing you played a huge part towards the greatness of your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren. Let me help you make it all a reality…..